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Tow Schyolkovo cheap. Towing services Schyolkovo inexpensive around the clock

Tow SchyolkovoCity Schyolkovo located in the north-east of Moscow region. Is the administrative cent of all Schelkovo district, with a population of 118,962 people. Near the town of the same name runs the highway, and Fryanovskoe through the city. In this regard, the traffic in the city and its entrances very serious. It is worth noting that the north of the city of Yaroslavl highway located human settlements Ivanteyevka and Queens, which significantly complicates the situation on the road. If you are involved in an accident or your car broke down on the city or entrances, you can contact us. We are ready to tow Schyolkovo at affordable prices.

How to call a tow truck Schyolkovo inexpensive?

Tow Schyolkovo priceTo order the evacuation of the city Shchelkovo You can contact us via the website. To determine the cost of the services you need to answer the dispatcher at some of the standard questions:

  1. Mark and weight of your vehicle including the load;
  2. Is there any damaged parts chassis (wheel drive);
  3. Number of passengers;
  4. A place where you want to deliver your car;
  5. Waiting time before loading - unloading cars.

After our expert to find out all the information it can calculate prices towing services Schyolkovo.

Examples of pricing towing Schyolkovo.

Tow Schyolkovo private ownerFor you to be able to more accurately calculate the cost of self-evacuation, we give below a few typical examples of the formation of the cost of:

  • Let's say you want to carry passenger cars such as BMW from Schyolkovo in Balashikha. A distance of about 20 km of the road and the steering wheel without any damage. The cost will be 1690 rubles for filing towing Schyolkovo + 40 rub. / Km. Total cost of the service will be 2390 rubles.
  • If you need to evacuate the BMW X5 SUV type of Shchelkovo in Mytishchi, the wheels are not blocked, then the price will be 2490 for the supply of rubles. + 40 rub. / Km. * 20 km. Get 4090 rubles for the entire evacuation.
  • Suppose that you need to transport the car Renault Logan with a damaged wheel from Shchelkovo Moscow to the metro station Shchelkovskaya. The cost of feeding a tow truck will be 1,690 rubles. + 400 rubles. for damaged wheels. 25 km. the way will be 1000 rubles. The final price will be 3090 rubles.

A little bit about our tow truck in the town of Shchelkovo

Tow Schyolkovo cheapIn our fleet there are several types of tow trucks operating in the city Shchyolkovo.

  • Tow truck-based vehicle gas Valdai with sloping platform. It is capable of carrying vehicles with a mass of no more than 3.5 tons. Without any damage of the steering and wheels.
  • Tow truck-based vehicle Hyundai HD 78 with a sliding platform. He is able to carry all the cars, as well as specials. equipment weighing up to 4.5 tons. In the case of damaged tires or vehicles, loading and unloading will be done without any problems.
  • Manipulator Schyolkovo on the basis of the car Man. Can transport vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tonnes with locked wheels or transmission.

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