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The cost of towing services Schyolkovo

Car Price Availability
Supply 24 hours check
Cars weighing up to 1.8 tons 1690 rubles. check
Crossovers weighing up to 2.1 tons 2190 rubles. check
SUVs and vans weighing up to 2.5 tons 2490 rubles. check
Special vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons 2990 rubles. check

The figures in the table do not allow the ordinary driver correctly count the total cost to produce towing services Schyolkovo . Therefore, I would like to give a few examples of the standard:

  1. Let's say you need to carry the Volvo XC90 SUV type without damage from Schyolkovo in Balashikha. The distance is about 15 km away. The cost of delivery will be smooth towing 2490 rubles. + 40rub. * 15km = 3090 rubles.
  2. If you want to drag the passenger car type Opel Astra from Shchyolkovo in Moscow (for example, at a subway station Novogireevo) without the damaged chassis. The cost of services will be 1690 rubles for supplying machines and 1,200 rubles for 30 km. path. The total cost of the evacuation will be 2890 rubles.
  3. If you need to pull-type crossover Nissan Juke with a damaged wheel from Schyolkovo in Elektrostal, the price will be formed as follows. Submission 1690 rubles. + 400 rubles. and 40 rub. / km. Elektrostal to about 40 km. As a result, we get 3690 rubles.

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